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Technology of the Hydrogenic Power Plant

The conception

Technical data

Flow rate Q = 4.65 m3/s
Head of water H =  2.0 m
Mechanical capacity P = 76.6 kW
Electrical capacity Pel = 70.0 kW

The vanes of the turbine The turbine was built by the company Mavel from Benesov in the Czech Republic. This picture was taken during manufacturing of the Kaplan turbine. You can see the vanes very good, because the propeller is not yet assembled.

The propeller before assembling These are the parts of the propeller before assembling. The blades of the propeller, as well as the vanes, can be adjusted to different amounts of water by a hydraulic system.

Inlet of the turbine This foto shows the inlet of the turbine. The water of river Tauber runs from here through the turbine. In the background you can see the vanes, which direct the water to the blades of the propeller. The amount of water flowing through the turbine is regulated by opening versus closing the vanes.

The Propeller A look from the opposite side of the turbine shows the propeller, which is in some way similar to that of a ship. The water brings the propeller into rotation. This rotation ist transmitted to a generator by a belt. Finally the generator produces electric current.

Der Generator bei der Arbeit This is a look into the turbine building of the hydrogenic power plant. The generator is mounted upon the blue turbine and driven by a green belt. In the background you can see the red hydraulic system, which is needed for moving the vanes, blades and the rake-cleaner.

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