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Financing the hydrogenic power plant

With the support of 62 associates and the grant of "Bundesamt für Wirtschaft" all the costs of 750,000 Marks could be payed without any credit! Tauberkraft GmbH thanks all supporters and all companys, who contributed to realize their project to build a hydrogenic power plant at Schäftersheim.


An investment in hydrogenic power is a long-term investment only. The loss of early years is changed to an increasing profit in later times.

The interest of an investment in Tauberkraft GmbH is assumed to be lower than with other investments. But this investment differs from others by reduceing air pollution. The share-holders of Tauberkraft GmbH get their electricity not only from the wall plug, but take responsibility to improve their environment as well. Each year Tauberkaft GmbH will certify their share-holders how much electric power was produced with her/his share. Furthermore Tauberkraft will inform how much energy the plant produced on a daily updated web-page. Associates with access to the internet will be able to check what their money does.

Each Mark for the hydrogenic power plant Schäftersheim produces an expected output of 0.5 kWh per year approximately. Therefore an investment of 7,000 to 8,000 Marks is needed to get the average amount of 3,500 to 4,000 kWh a four-head-family in germany needs. Associates of Tauberkraft GmbH return their payment for electric power into their money-bag.

Tauberkraft GmbH expects, that an investment in the hydrogenic power plant at Schäftersheim will be profitable not only environmentally, but economically in long-term too. This expectation is supported by a new law of the german government called "Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz" that guarantees a fair price for electric power from sustainable devices like wind-mills, solar panels or hydrogenic power plants. According to this law Tauberkraft gets a guaranteed price of 0.15 Marks per kWh.

Last update 1999-11-27